“At Thornwood High School, we use EKHO heart rate monitors on a daily basis. We currently use 140 WM-25s per class period and another 38 chest straps in our bike room. We have found that EKHO watches go above and beyond our expectations. The EKHO watches are the only watches that have shown the ability to withstand the constant stress placed upon them by our students every class period of every day. The students enjoy the easy to use features of the watches and are excited to see how many calories that they burned during their workout.

We actually started out using the “other” brand but found that the value and quality of the EKHO watches made them a much smarter choice for us to switch to. If anybody would ask, we highly recommend EKHO watches for any physical education department deciding to use heart rate monitors for their curriculum.”

- Jerry Styrsky

“What a pleasure it has been dealing with you and your organization. From the initial contact with Cory, the no run around approach was clear and evident. We had some time constraints and your company was prompt, efficient and made us feel like a long-time customer. Alisha was extremely helpful and supportive in making sure all of our needs were met.

Thank you for all of your help and we look forward to trying our new HRM’s and Pedometers.”

- Mary Halbord

“My mission with EKHO is to bring necessary products such as the portable pulse/ox and heart rate monitor to parents and caregivers of chronically ill children to ease their fear at home and give them one more tool that empowers them to feel more in control. I am a mother to 2 cardiac children, who have asthma. And my EKHO Pulse Oximeter has already saved my daughter’s life. I travel with it all the time.”
- Elisa Santos